Sitting on the floor in class
The teacher talks unemotionally.
A friend tries to relieve her boredom
with a short prod.

I ignore and feel a sharp jab
at my side.

This is amusing-
A distraction.

I feel pain again.
I warn them as irritating giggling fills my ears,
my fury seems only to inspire.

I look to the teacher & raise my hand.

he glares back through angry eyes,
I’m but a disruption through them.
Unfairly, I am seen a troublemaker,
my explaining is but an insult to his authority.

A solemn signal,
I watch as he points to the hall.

Grudgingly I stand,
the sour taste of injustice
filling my mouth.
Obediently, though not willingly
I walk outside,
for I find that life is not always



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