iThink that iRob Works

Well, this is it! The new site layout — what do you think? I did a kind of Mac theme, but I think it turned out fairly well. No, I don't have a Mac, and I do prefer Windows (sorry Macintoshers) but the whole iPod silhoutte concept has me hooked, and I felt I needed a site makeover.

Check out the new pages. I have whole new sections: writing and a virtual portfolio. And, of course, all the pages are re-designed to fit the layout… so… I have quite a few new pages.

Now, although I did create the site, I cannot take all the credit — Josh did give me the idea. Thanks for the inspiration! Here is what triggered it:

"Well, make it [the site] more maccable…" Edited for Punctuation

He, of course, meant to make the site so his computer could view it. I did. But I did so much more. The whole theme is Mac now, Josh. Hats off to you.

Probably should be going now, but do enjoy the site, look around, see what you like… any comments/questions/concerns, contact me. Thanks!



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