Travels in California

Took a plane to California today. I'm typing this on the laptop. The plane ride was a little boring — 3 and a half hours isn't exactly fun-filled. But hey, I'm living. Disneyland comes up tomorrow!

Applied for Google Adsense. I hope they review the site soon… I'd really like to start earning for a full hosting site, with a real domain name. I've just figured out that my PHP skills aren't quite there yet… which is kindof mandatory when it comes to, so I'm really going to have to learn up on that.

Trev's watching "Big," its a great movie with Tom Hanks. Its a little older, but its really great. You should see it.

Here's a commercial I just saw, thought it was strange…

"Do you love going to the gym? Its fun, right? *Valleygirl Giggle* If you like it, this is NOT for you. Nope. *Giggle* For those who don't like spending hours at the gym, *shakes her head* the [miscellaneousgymsystem] is for you…"

The rest wasn't particularly interesting, but that was strange enough I thought it was worth copying down. Okay, thats about it… comment back, I'd like to here whats up.



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