Less California, More Computer

Back home. Sigh. I already miss California. Not that I'm sad to be home, I wanted to get back to it. 'Course, I was only gone for 4 days…

As you can see, I've made $3.18 with Google Adsense. Its just an image — it doesn't update on its own, sorry. I'm not quite that advanced yet. I'm working right now on getting more traffic to the site, so I've decided to update a series of things — I've finally added cool color-corresponding ads to each page, and I'm afraid its a little bit overkill, so I think I'll limit myself to one ad unit a page. Anyway, check those out, I got to choose all the colors myself, let me know what you think. Also, I'm going to be adding a Pictures section, to post pics and stuff. I'm not going to be fancy and get a script, its just going to be a page with links.

Also, I'd like to direct your attention to the little "RSS" icon to the left. I've decided I want to start using RSS/XML to make my site even more accessible. If you have an RSS feed, please try to add my site to it, and if for some reason it doesn't work (in which case I'm really sorry, please forgive me, its my first attempt!) please let me know through email or my comment box. Two more things — when a new post comes out, I'm going to have "NEW!" highlighted in yellow next to the title for 24 hours within it coming out, so you know if its a post you should read or if its old news. Also, I've joined Technorati, if anyone wishes to know, and have any idea what it is.

Also, quick note here: the ads still have not quite targeted correctly, it takes a few days, so they may not be particularly interesting. Also, the sitesearch isn't quite working either, I'm not on the Google Database yet. It will be soon!



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