Meeting M. Sharpo

Music today. Mavis, Ruth and I got to meet Mr. M. Sharpo from Imo Flats atop the Foix Mountains. I love crossword puzzles…

Eleven dollars and forty seven cents! I'm on a roll! I just went to GoDaddy today and figured out that prices for the site will be just below fifty dollars for a year, not 90 like I thought before. So I'll have a little left over for the savings account, college or something.

I'll be here this summer for PotC2 — it comes out on my dad's birthday. I'm not going to JBA until I think the 9th of July, so until then I'll be here.

I feel like writing. I think another essay will be up by probably Friday, and Neil's made a small minigame he wants me to show on the site that should be up by Saturday. Don't be too excited — I seriously doubt you're going to love it. He's making it to show he actually can use Flash, and he is working on a game. He's still doing GregMan, the remake of PacMan with our great friend Greg, but for now his latest (but definitely NOT greatest) game is… be prepared… Happy the Clown Escapes from Prison.

I really am not expecting too much, and really hope he drops the game right now, but the coding itself is cool… the plot is not the best, the character's horrible, and the graphics aren't wonderful, but the stuff he can do is cool. Neil, I know you're out there — DROP THE GAME. YOU CAN DO BETTER!

Well, that's about it, email/chatter/comment/call, whatever you can to let me know what you think…



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