First Week Back: Ferocious.

Whoooa! Logged on Google Adsense this morning, didn't expect that! Lots of money earned! Awesomeness. Getting closer to the domain name/no more bottom-screen ads…

Well, life is not the best at the moment. I felt like writing another essay, but I don't think that will be happening in the near future. I felt a previous piece will do my writing-life enough justice. Check out The Mountain.

Well, I finished Leah's site. It was a lot of fun, I got to scan things, photoshop things, do a lot of Javascript and HTML coding. It was pretty complicated — the results are clean cut and simple enough, but the whole process was probably one of the hardest I've done. Linkage is here. That'll soon be on my virtual portfolio and links pages.

I'd like to hereby link to the new greatest site on the face of the earth, also now known as the Leaky Mug. I thought Mugglenet and Leaky were good seperately, but now that they're together, they're completely awesome. Seems almost… unreal

Well, I've had a pretty bad and confusing week. Glad its over. Have a great day!



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