Change Change Chaaaannngge…

Hey guys.

Well, life hasn't exactly been bad lately. Not great… but not bad.

Google Adsense has slowed down — that's understandable, though. I haven't exactly been updating for like, what, a week? Yikes. Well, this is my chance, I'm taking it. Revenue's gone up to $34.39.

There are going to be some new changes to the site. Here's a list of all the new things you should be aware of that will be/have been changing:

•"NEW!" will appear by a post for the first 24 hours after it is put up.
•A new password-protected pictures page (alliteration, I know) will be put up.
•A movie/book reviews page will be put up.
•The writing section will be updated with a new piece of writing every Friday.
•Layout of the site-search will change (not that the site search is working… sorry).
•The movie/book review section will have a new review put up every Sunday by either Neil, Greg or I, including what we thought it deserved.
•A demo version of the new game Neil is creating will be put up shortly on its own page.
•There will be updates to the main front blog atleast twice a week.
•A writing tips page will be added to the writing section shortly.
These are the changes that will shortly be occuring within the next three days. They will trickle in one at a time so not to overwhelm and spread out the iRob-ness cheer. Oh, and please remember that you can email me anytime about anything site-wise and I will respond. Comments/questions/thoughts, anything. I really enjoy hearing from you.

And do remember, there is an RSS feed you can add to your RSS reader. That will always be available and will be updated at the same time as the post.

I know this is all very random, but hey, that's who I am. If you've noticed, also, I've done some adjustments to the layout of the pages so the content will make the page stretchout accordingly and not look tile-y if they go over. And if you haven't noticed any changes, that's even better, because that means the transition was smooth and seamless.

Well, best be going now. It was an okay week… and now, in approximately three hours, it will be over. All I can say is that even though this week was alright, I hope next week will be better. More exciting, more fun.

Good night, everybody…



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