iPod Ranting…

Hello again everyone.

Today I feel like talking about iPods. You know why? I don't. But it sounded interesting enough to do.

Went to the school library, and I went to return books when I decided I wanted to keep one out — iPods and iTunes for Dummies.

We had what we call "silent reading time" where I read some of it — and I realllllly want an iPod now. Play movies, songs, and podcasts; have a virtual calendar; play games; its amazing what you can do with it! And now I'm really psyched about it… anyone else have one?

I thought it was interesting enough to blog about, and hey, my blog is kind of designed around the whole iPod/Apple idea. I just really really want one now. I want to know about you guys, what you think about them. I think extra money I get that doesn't go the site will go to getting myself an iPod. That'll be cool to have I think. Email / chatter your iPod reviews and thoughts. I'll update later with more, I'm on a time cruch at the moment.

And do remember, there is an RSS feed you can add to your RSS reader. That will always be available and will be updated at the same time as the post.

Good night, everybody…



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