The Teenage Perspective

Many people wonder what goes through the head of a teenager. Parents devote a lot of their time and effort into it, and some people even make a career out of it — but what these people don't realize is that trying to figure things out defeats the purpose of being a teenager.

When the word "teenager" is mentioned, a lot of negative thoughts are usually conjured, such as vandalism, violence, etc… but that's completely stereotypical. The fact is, when only a handful of teenagers from an entire school do something, it gives all teenagers a bad name, and hurts everyone's reputation. These are the things that cause phrases such as "kids these days…" or even "those dumb kids."

But the most common way of trying to figure out what teenagers think about, what their views and perspectives on society are, is unfortunately studying them. Not asking, not talking — studying. It seems as if being open is not even an option — being sincere and talking is not even a thought that comes through the minds of so many adults. It's all analyzing with adults — thinking about what exactly makes those minds tick. Thinking. But then again, that's what teenagers do.

If you were to ask a teenager exactly what they thought about, I'd bet you almost anything they couldn't come up with a specific answer. The truth is that teenagers think about pretty much everything. They're between two worlds, for goodness sake. There's the world of friends, and the world of family. There are the worlds of childhood and adulthood, worlds of right and wrong. When you're stuck between these types of worlds, how can you exist without thinking? We base our judgement off of what we've experienced, what we've heard, and what we think will happen. There are so many things going on that we can't simply block everything out. Its not an option. The same with adults — having the choices of family or friends, home or work, right and wrong. We're just trying to find our place, trying to distinguish exactly where we are between the worlds; it gets aggravating. To have to think about all of these things all the time isn't easy; sure, most of the time we're ambitious and hard working, but sometimes we need the chance to sit back and enjoy, to take a break. Adults have got to understand that — after all, adults feel the same way sometimes.

So to those adults out there, and to the teenagers: stop analyzing. Stop poking at eachother like animals in a zoo, trying to calculate, examine, understand. The fact is that both teenagers and adults alike need a break — so why are you both wasting time analyzing eachother?



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