To My Old Readers…

New readers, click here. 

Surprised? I am. Yes, welcome, this is sort of the new site.

This might seem a bit of a down grade layout-wise — but don't be fooled; looks can be misleading! This site has been remodeled and redone with a program/site thing called WordPress. While the layout is simple and to the point, realize that the actual site itself is a lot more capable, with features such as automatic feeds for the blog, comments, archives, categories, password protected pages, blog categories, link sidebar, customization tools and my personal favorite, a very nice and simple (for me) post generator. This means less work, and more content! This site will be a whole lot easier to personally tweak and maintain — the only problem is the theme/layout.

Now, right now this site is free, but somewhat limited. I can't do a whole lot with the layout (a.k.a. "theme") at the moment, because that's not available on the free hosted site. When I get the GoDaddy site with the money from the Google Adsense, however, I'll be able to pay for it — this means a very new and edited layout . Colors will be different, the heading will be different, the content will be displayed differently — it will be a definite upgrade. The only thing remaining the same is the content — same old teenager, same opinions and views. I repeat to you: this is not the finished product of the site. It will be much better!

Again, the main reason for doing the big switch is that this site is soooo much easier to maintain than the other one (atleast once I've finished tweaking the layout!). But until the layout's done, you can expect a bit of an irritated Rob at school sometimes; tutorials are not the most fun to read, especially when you're trying to learn two new computer languages. But believe me to those who think I'm too gunhoe on this site thing: I want to do this. I want a good site. I want these skills and I want to benefit from this whole process. I hope you enjoy the outcomes also.

This post was for all of those of you who used to visit the old layout-ed site; the old posts are all on this site now. I just hope this will soon live up to your expectations…

And for those of you new to my blog — welcome to iRob.

Leave comments on the new comment system (no login required), or feel free to email me.



2 Responses to “To My Old Readers…”

  1. Shirley Says:

    We’re listening.



  2. Kristin Says:

    Hey, looks great so far. When will there be games? Well, keep up the good work!!!


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