Neil. What can I say about him? He is… well… Neil.

Neil has opinions. People have questions. He likes to give them answers.

Neil will be helping to roll out a new section: his section. He says that people ask the stupidest questions. Examples of these questions (according to him):

Why are we on Earth?
What if the world ended?
Why is life so bad for me?!

He doesn't like these questions. He suggests you stop. But if you persist, he will just have to give his views which he says is the truth, what he says is the meaning of life and such.

In his brain, anything could happen. In his mind, everything is twisted around, and completely different than how you see things. In his new section: anything goes.


2 Responses to “Neil.”

  1. Neil Says:

    fatty what i say is the truth and i swear it is…(as i quote the tubes)y would i lie?

  2. Leah Says:

    yes, neil has an answer for everything. “the world could end RIGHT NOW! a big giant could squish our existance between his fingers at any given moment! See how small and worthless your problems would be THEN rob?” lol.

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