A Phone Message with Gregory…

Ringer: Ring… ring… ring… ring…

Gregory: Hello?

Rob: Hey, Gregory, its Rob, are you busy?

Gregory: …hello?

Rob: Greg, its Rob.

Gregory: This is Greg…
Rob: Yes, I know… and this is Rob. Can you talk now?

Gregory: I guess you're not there…

Rob: What? Yes, I am!

Gregory: This is Greg, (number here). I guess you can leave a message or something…

Rob: Um… what? Wait, what?!

Answering Machine Lady: At the tone, please leave your name, number and message and you will be responded to as soon as possible.

Rob: Wha… wait… hey, wait a second!

Beeper: BEEP.


Thanks for the answering machine message, Greg. Sigh…


2 Responses to “A Phone Message with Gregory…”

  1. lshaz Says:

    lol, GO GREG! I mean, uh…sorry rob.

  2. bergsma Says:

    incredible!!! http://www.adelaware.com

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