From the Desk of a Confused Perfectionist…

I had a plan. It was a wonderful plan. But like so many wonderful things, it was spoiled. So now it is gone.

Why is it that when you plan something out, spending hours and hours just sitting in bed, thinking about it, wondering and day dreaming, it simply disappears? It fades away, as if it didn't matter; as if it never would have happened in the first place.

I had such a wonderfully thought out, foolproof plan; and it vanished. But these types of plans don't just simply dissipate – no, first they change. They morph over and over, making you remodel, forcing you to spend longer on the subject. And you thought it was going to actually happen.

But like so many times, the plan fails. It flops over and simply dies. You calculated, examined, dissected every bit — but one little detail got it. One detail you missed; its not just a detail though. Its what this whole plan was about; in short, its core reasoning and foundation. Without this, you have nothing.

And so do I. The plan has failed, and my whole set of scheduled events has gone with it. Maybe I should have planned longer, harder, more concentratingly;

or maybe I shouldn't have planned at all.



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