We have problems, folks.

First; I have no idea how I'm going to get my site. This site won't allow Google Adsense, but I can't go back to the other one because it was wayyyy to hard to maintain. But how can I afford to get the new site if I don't get the money? I still rest at $38 something. I don't get any until I hit $100.
My Solution:
The best I can do is force the people I've made sites for to update and put some ad blocks there too — small ones that don't get in the way. That way I can get to $100, and they get a 20% cut of the money there page earns.

I need to come up witha domain name (www.something.com). I don't know what to use though, because iRob.com is taken.
My Solution:
I've come up with some.

Nobody visits my blog. Okay, some people do, but how do I know if they like it?
My Solution:
Comment. Email. Make suggestions, anything! I can't continue web work with no visitors! If you like the site / hate the site / whatever, comment me and let me know! Its simple, just type in a name and your comment!

Anything you want to tell me, PLEASE DO. I would love to hear from ANYONE. There won't be content without visitors!


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