Friend Issues.

I have friends. I have lots of friends (whether you believe so or not). But being in my situation makes it difficult.

Take the dance, for example. At the dance, you couldn't find me in hardly any pictures. Do you know why? Because I didn't stick with a group. I floated around, visited with some of my friends, then with others. I was barely ever in one place for more than 2 minutes. But this takes away from things.

I know this might sound strange, but having a lot of different friends creates problems. For instance, its hard to say that some friends are better than others. While a lot of people have certain friends they stick around with the most, I can't say I do. I wandered around at the dance, talking to all my friends every-so-often, but I didn't get to designate a generous amount of time to anyone. I floated around then; and I float around in life.

Quantity over quality is really how it is for me — instead of having some really good friends, I have a lot of casual, acquaintance-like friends. And even though this seems almost confusing and wrong, it sort of creates isolation. Right now there isn't really a specific person I can really console in, nobody I can specifically match up to.

Sure, the friends I have are good friends with me. But the problem is I don't fit into a group. Think about everyone you know — generally when you think about them with their friends, they fit into a group. Where do I fit?

The truth is, I don't fit. I wander, I float, whatever you want to call it, I just don't fit into a specific group, just like so many other people in the world. There are groups at school: the jocks, the prom queens, the dramatists, the ACE students… I'm welcome to certain groups, but I'm just not the type of person that would be able to exist that way. When it comes down to it, I simply can't be in any groups;

so where does that leave me?


One Response to “Friend Issues.”

  1. lshaz Says:

    Well DUH! ‘Where does this leave you?’ you ask? Well in the ‘I don’t have a particular group’ group, of course! lol, rob, you don’t HAVE to be in a group. As long as you are happy with the people you are with…that’s all that should matter to you.

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