I just made a new page on the site. As you can probably guess from the title, its a pictures page. It's password protected — if you want in, you're going to have to know the password. So I will give you all a giant hint, so that those of you who actually know me can access it but those who don't, can't. The password is the name of the character I played in the 7th grade play. No capitals.

All right, that's about it. If you can't remember the character, or you think you might have spelled it wrong (there's an "s", not a "z") feel free to email me, and I can tell you the password. Besides that, there isn't much left to say!

Oh, yes, there is, I forgot. I made Nick a website the other day in record timing (2 hours and three minutes!) and I think he'd appreciate it if you'd check it out. Its linked to in my virtual portfolio sidebar widget to the right.

All right, that's about it, guys. Feel free to leave lots of comments! I reallly enjoy reading them, and they're easy to post, just like a chatterbox! So please, do take the time to leave a comment so I know what you're thinking, and I know what to write more on / make websites for / etc. See you all later!



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