Mac or PC?

I saw some commercials today for a Mac and I got to thinking: when I get my next computer, am I going to want a Mac?

On one hand, I know PCs, I've lived with them, I'm used to them. And a Mac's completely different…

But then again, a Mac is more useful for Music and Videos and stuff like that, which I am more into and more used to doing. PCs have calculators…

So, I'm stuck. I want your opinions on what you think I should get my next laptop as. Leave comments / email / whatever to contact me.


(Side note: Pictures page has been updated)


2 Responses to “Mac or PC?”

  1. Mark Says:

    Several uncles of mine are die-hard Mac fans, who have tried both PC and Apple and like Macs better.

    Still, if your not getting a new computer for a while, Windows Vista beta testers say that it can compete some of Macs more popular features.

  2. nick13 Says:

    i say windows because macs are weird and if ur already used to windows most of ur hard work would go to waste wen u get a mac
    Although if u are into making movies and stuff like tht u should get a mac cuz they are much better for tht stuff.

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