The Dance

Wow. It was pretty darn fun. I didn't get to go to any after parties (I've got a cold, my parents thought I should come home after) but the dance was still pretty cool. I had a realllllly good time, and I'll get more into that later, but for now, I have a long 28 hours ahead of me, and I need to go get started on it. Please email / comment me any pictures of me (I like pictures) or xanga sites with pictures of me, I'd reallllly appreciate it. And if you know the site that the professional photographer put the pictures on, I'd really be glad to have that, also! I've looked everywhere, and I can't find it, so if you have any idea, please let me know!

Got to go now to start on a trip leading to Worlds of Fun for Orchestra. See you all later, and I expect a lot of comments when I get home!



8 Responses to “The Dance”

  1. Ashlay Junie Meinhardt Says:

    Hey I had a wonderful time at the dance myself…sorry you couldn’t come to the after party.Hope you get better soon.I have a cold tht i’m trying to get over myself.I think we’ll do pretty good at the competition.I heard on the innercom that we have a few mistakes we have to correct on the CD.Oh ya and you said you had a strings question on aim.If you get time you can ask me,trust me ill be here.feels like i”ve been practicing forever………Oh and when someone or you find that site tell me!~


  2. Leah Says:

    Yes, it was fun! oh…the second balloon that poppoed, it was the sea horse! i thought he was the CUTEST!ah, well. I’m trying to remember something else important, but i can’t remember anything. Alot happened, but i just can’t remember it all… Ethan had a skull on his shirt. he said it reminded him if King Kong. (?) Good, job Ethan- REAL tropical. Oh yes, and Rob? I counted that you ate at least 3 cookies and 4 brownies. fattie.

  3. Mavis Says:

    psh, whatevs leah. i counted like, 20. supper ‘fattie’ lol.

    yeah the dance was tons of fun. ‘magic hallway’ was probably the most ‘interesting’ part. I really liked the decor. it was like, wow, $700 for some fake palm trees. did you ever tell nick what scott was doing? b/c he was unusually interested. Also, if you find the picture place link be sure to pass it on to me.

    This was probably the most eventfull dance yet. So much stuff went on that it was really hard to keep track of it all. there’s the charlottle, huffman, huo-huo, cameron, and nick stories… all with completely different problems. right.

    well, i’m glad that you had fun. you and jill do make a good couple 😉

  4. nick13 Says:

    well i must say tht i am not a hypocrite?(spelling?) it consisted more of charlotte dragging me onto the floor because i dontl ike to dance although i must say i wasnt totally against it… lol hope u have fun at ur orchestra thing

  5. leah Says:

    I completely agree with you, Nick!

  6. Mavis Says:

    I’m sure that I completely agree with leah about agreeing with you…

  7. Rob Says:

    Erm, Leah’s comment was editted … to avoid emotional situations. 🙂 Sorry Leah.

  8. Leah Says:

    yeah, um. No problem. I was going to insult someone but NO…..but yes, to avoid emotions. emotions that i’m over. yes.

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