In the Hall of the Mountain King.

That's where I feel I am in life. Existing in a narrow stretch of time and space, blocked by the monster of the Mountain King. Getting to that point, the last battle with the King himself, the monster trouble of all other recent troubles, will not be easy. The journey to and the last battle — there will be victories; there will be small periods of time where things will seem easier, where I conquer small tasks and obstacles, but until the final event, until I get past the monster that is seemingly troublesome, I feel all is going downhill: to the dark shadows underlining the beast, which is the penultimate ending to the next step in being on my own in the world. Once past that: nothing is stopping me.


3 Responses to “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

  1. nick13 Says:

    i no how u feel and i do like tht song

  2. Mave Says:

    hmm field trip was absolutely hilarious!

    that’s a pretty kewl song… i must say…

  3. Leah Says:

    Yes, Yes, good song. And yes, yes, good field trip. Cept for reaching in that crocodile’s butt and pulling out the golfball…tht was rather inappropriate! Lol.

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