The Wall

It lives everywhere,
The Wall.
Isolating and blocking,
obnoxiously quiet.
The Silence hurts to listen to.

It blocks away all things;
bad memories,
things not meant to happen,
events I want to push away,
or hide behind its strong exterior.
The Wall is good for these things.

To guard long-lost secrets,
guilty remembrances,
and forgotten love.
To do so no longer seems hiding the world from myself,
but rather,
hiding myself from the world.

The Wall is my protector.
Saving me from judgement and criticizm,
of others,
and of myself.
This leads me to believe:
is it really protecting?

Who is this Wall seperating;
me from predators,
or me from the world?
Does it deflect plain,
or merely delay it?

Causing these things,
the ultimate of seperation,
is it really my defender from hurt;
Or my isolater into nothingness?


One Response to “The Wall”

  1. Char! Says:

    heyy sometime you need to teach me how to write in on my website that you made me i started thinking about it and that would be a great site for me to write about my acting and stuff like what i’m doing or how i feel about it! i would love to learn how to write in it and have like a comment thing it or something?! i don’t know your the expert! haha



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