Two More Days…

There are two more days left until the school is out. For lots of people this is a good thing; it's summer break, we can go to the pool, hang out with friends, spend countless nights at other friends' houses… it's like three months of paradise, right?

Sort of. But its sad, in a way — we're moving on again. Moving from Middle School to the ranks of high school. For a long time there will be no more leads for us in the school play, no solos in the big, multi-grade choir; we'll be small again.

But perhaps even more disappointing than that is the fact that we're getting closer; closer to independence, closer to being completely on your own in the world, closer to no more school ever again… while some people might be happy that school is out, its kind of sad. Some of my best memories were from school, and I met many of my best friends there. And the closer we get to moving out of school, the more seperation there seems to be among friends. And when the bells of graduation finally ring, and we are out on our own, thats exactly what we will be: out on our own. We will be seperated from friends, we will lose some of our best friends to the masses of people in the world, and we will, unfortunately, forget.

The night before school started this year, I wrote this post on my xanga. I want you to go there: I made predictions about this school year, I made assumptions on emotions that we would feel, and events that would happen. I wrote it a year ago in hopes that I could look back and see just how much has happened, to force myself to relive the feelings I've felt this past year. Now I challenge you to ask yourself that question: do you still want that summer break that badly?


4 Responses to “Two More Days…”

  1. Mavis Says:

    yes. i really want that break. really bad. because… well… i know that its time for me to move on. i just feel like i’m in elementary school again, where you see old teachers, ask about the youngsters, and none of the awards that we get truly matter. Nothing that we did this year will ever make a dent in our future. unless you’re louie, and showed off your virtuoso guitar abilities…

    And once again rob, you made me cry. Just like I did when i read the entry about looking forward to eighth grade.

  2. Mavis Says:

    all of this talk about high school is making me second guess myself.

    this must be a first 🙂

    stay in middle school?! forever?! ARGH!!!

  3. kelsey Says:

    rob. great.
    youve managed, yet again, to be completlyy blind.
    do you really like making people like Mavis cry?
    the only problem that i see in you is that you have never accually taken the time to think deeply about the reaction that may come from your words. Rob. you are a smart guy, you reallyyy reallyy are. but your only smart in certian things. you dont really think or even let your emotions interfere with your life. you should. you should really take time to just let loose and be weird. i know that sounds weird to you, but you are trying to grow up too fast. High School, yeah some of us are going to split up, but your truest friends will be with you forever and ever. not nessaraly physically, but mentally. Rob. i think you should really just think. think about your life. you stress too much, and are you happy? are you really TRULY happy?? i dont think you are, because you focus on the facts, and not the feelings. you push all feelings aside and only care about facts, and figures. dont. rob dont. you wont turn out happy.

    think about it.

  4. Mavis Says:

    THANK YOU KELSEY. and remember rob:

    let loose. be weird. REALLY weird. and those who are your friends… well, we’ll be your friends. for a while. a really long while.

    be sure to remember that.

    oh btw, we’re thinking of having a ‘begining of summer’ movie night dealy-o… do u wanna come?

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