Being Young Means…

  • Dunking eachother in the pool
  • Hogging all the popcorn every once in a while
  • Drinking two liters of pop
  • Hitting eachother over the head with violent floaties
  • Running through the sprinkler…
  • … getting caught by the owner of the sprinkler
  • Running through countless backyards
  • Chasing the lightning bugs
  • Throwing the occasional innertube over someone's head
  • Waving at the cars passing by and hoping they wave back
  • Not caring how stupid you look trying to do the worm
  • Blowing bubbles like a motorboat at the pool
  • Going to a see a movie you didn't ever watch
  • Seeing friends in places you didn't think you'd see them
  • Wasting time in ways you didn't think you would
  • Realizing what being young means in a way you didn't ever anticipate

5 Responses to “Being Young Means…”

  1. Mavis Says:

    yup. movie nights rock.

  2. kels Says:

    cpngrats rob. your growing up and maturing, buy slowing down and realizing that the world is gorgeous if you slow down and look at it.
    bravo rob, bravo.

  3. Leah Says:

    ehem. rob—it was me and jill who went through the sprinkler…..YOU guys were too chicken!!!!!! And you forgot the part bout me mooning people!!!! And jill’s cousin! oh well, you did good.

  4. Jill Says:

    i read that list 6 times

    and on the fifth on i realized that all those things were from movie night

    so then i read through it again to appreciate all the things.
    every single one of those things apply to me
    except “not caring how stupid how stupid you look doing the worm” because i did not look stupid

    i looked sexy

    anywayssss ya that was hilarious when those ppl were like staring at us from their deck like….wtf are those kids doing in our sprinklers

    at my house last night me and nick tried to catch a lightening bug but…ya we lost it in a bush. darn

  5. Leah Says:

    LOL, yes jill you make a sexy worm. 😉
    But about the sprinklers- – -I just remembered Frank did it too. So ‘THANKS’, Frank!
    Still can’t believe Rob forgot bout ur cousin…
    And those car robbers!!!!! Gasp!

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