Today marks the last day you all will probably hear from me for two weeks. I've gone off to Michigan and Canada, where I have very limited computer and phone use.

But since I'm leaving, I think I'll leave something for all of you to do, so that when I check the site again in the future when I can get a hold of a computer, I can see your thoughts on it.


This essay really hit me, because I completely agree with it. This is what I try to explain to a lot of you guys out there! But I think in the essay the idea is just being said in a different way than I've said it, and will give you some good insight to the brain of Rob. And… Rob. Long story there.

Well, best be going now. I'm starting a long drive in about an hour, and I've got some last minute packing to do!

Leave comments / emails, I might get a computer chance sometime!



One Response to “Gone.”

  1. Rob Says:

    Hey, thanks for the plug!

    I wrote that about a year after a painful breakup, and I stuck with that new philosophy for quite some time. Not that girls didn’t catch my eye, though… =)

    ANYWAY, the coolest thing that ever happened was that a girl I was friends with, she… well… I wasn’t even really looking for anyone… and…

    … long story short, we’ve been married for 3 years now!

    Bottom line: IT WORKS. We knew we had the potential for a lifetime together, so that’s why we started dating. Dating when you know there’s no future is pointless and painful – and selfish, actually.

    To anyone who reads my essay, especially those of you entering high school, take heed. You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you just be friends. Trust me!

    – The other Rob

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