New Site…

Very very soon I'm going to be buying a new website. I promised myself that once I had saved up $100 dollars all by myself (which is hard to come by with no job and $5 a week allowance!) I would buy my website. I am soooo close to getting there! I'm at $88 right now, and in a couple of weeks, I will have the site bought and everything. That means nothing really to you guys, I'm sure, except a little different design of the site, a little Google Adsense, and a domain name. But that's where I'm lost.

I have no idea what to get as a domain name ( and I want any type of suggestions I can get. Anything. Leah's suggested some that I don't think will be chosen ( and but I thank her for those thoughts anyway. Any ideas are great! I'd love to hear from you guys.

EDIT: The password to my Canada pictures post is the name of the character I played in the Awards Show. Incase you forgot: think tight black shirt.


One Response to “New Site…”

  1. Mavis Says:

    ummm…. moving my b-day to the 6th.

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