I’m going to add pictures to this post to make it more interesting than it already is.

I think I’m going to be having a big change to the site. I don’t think its going to make a gigantic difference, though, considering how many people actually come here…

Soon I think I’m going to be creating a real site. With a domain name, some space, and a lot more room to grow web-wise. I’ve already made a lot of plans, but before I take them and make them actually happen, I want to know what you guys think about it.

Now, if I invest money in a site ($40) I don’t want it to be a waste. If I actually pay for an actual site, I want to pull some profit out of it. But in order to do that, I need to put ads on pages. Its going to be a very small, limited amount of ads, but still, they will be there.

But in order for the ads to actually gain revenue, I have to have a continuous stream of viewers coming in. Which means my site has to become more than just a personal blog.

So I had the chance to gain visitors and some profit. But I want to know what you guys thought. You are the ones who actually come to my site, I want to know what you think about this. I have posted some very serious and in my opinion somewhat deep posts on my site. I have written things that have brought a lot of attention to the site, such as my Nice Guy post and my For Whom the Bell Tolls post. These types of posts are what bring people to the site, and while they are harder to write, they are sometimes fun.

 But then again, some other posts I write are a lot of fun too. Just random, out of nowhere things that have nothing that could possibly make people I don’t know want to listen to me. Like my Canada post and stuff. No constructive content.

So what I wanted to do was split it up. On my site I would have two different sections, a more, personal section for friends at school who know me, sort of like a xanga, with pictures and stuff like that. And then I would have a writing blog. This blog would have my poetry, essays, articles and blog posts that I write as reflection of everyday life. These are the moral values, and lessons and more “deep stuff” that I write. They would then be seperated into two different subdomains on my site. One would be at just and the other would be like

But then again, splitting it up is splitting it up. It wouldn’t really be the same as it is now. There would be 2 sections. Some people I’ve asked said that splitting it up into sections just didn’t make sense, because I’m one person and I have different traits (fun and serious… but mostly serious) and you can’t seperate who I am. But then again, people may not want to read something so personal with all the references to my friends and stuff if they don’t know me. And the point of the blog is to sort of get people I don’t know, because I don’t know enough people to really get my money back from the investment.

So my question to you guys. Would you like it if they were seperated? One would remain almost exactly as this page, the other would have a completely different layout. Would you rather that the site was seperated into new sections like that, or do you really resent this idea? And if I were to seperate it, would you honestly come back to the site as often / more often that you already do?

Thanks for your opinions. I really do want to have a site. I just want it to be worth the trouble.



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  1. Mavis Says:

    Wow. Those pictures really spiced up the post. My fave is the $ atom thing… pretty cool stuff.

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