TeenCast Episode #4 – Fiery Helicopter


Leah and I had a lot of fun recording another podcast – we haven’t in a long time and don’t very often, and even though this one is kind of short, it was sooo funny to record. I hope some of you find the time to listen to it – it comes in at a total running time of 36 minutes and 17 seconds.

Click here to listen to it directly, or go here for the website.

Here are the show notes.


Back in Black…. Or Blue?
Rob = Mailbox? Leah = Walmart Logo?
Your life is like an onion, says Chay.
Rob Goes to the Dentist
You’d Better Sit Down – Leah’s at Risk for GUM DISEASE! surprised

Pirates – Leah and Amelia’s Unexpected Reaction
More Profanity in G-Rated Movies
Elizabeth – Not Just a Peck Peck…
Elizabeth’s 5-Minute “I’m-Enjoying-The-Heck-Out-Of-This” Thing

Leah’s First CD – Rob’s Second
N’SYNC – You know you listened
Leah’s Secret Lovelife
Girl Music? Boy Music? Is that Fair?
Regards to:
KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See
Fort Minor – Where’d You Go?

~Rob’s Techno Weather MixUp~
Alex Featherworthypenn
James Bond’s Visit
… Technical Difficulties…
“It seems Kathy’s in the Helicopter, but it also seems it is on fire…”

Leah’s Brave Quest to Save Her Phone – Her Ultimate Sacrifice.
Broken Nails. sad
“I Say What I Wanna Say When I Wanna Say It…”
Rob Mountain.
Mary Had a Little Lamb…


2 Responses to “TeenCast Episode #4 – Fiery Helicopter”

  1. leah Says:

    WE KICK @#$!!! Wahooooo, that was SMASHING!

    Sorry bout the second, half, man. Most of it wasn’ funny….cept for he weather channel stuff and the PMSing part….;) Well, thanks for putting that up, man! LOVE THE LOGO!!!!

  2. leah Says:

    Man, Rob, the world hates us. NO ONE is listening to this!!!

    Come ON, people! I mean, it took like 2 and a half hours to record and even more to edit, so we’ve already wasted more time making it then you will listening to it. So gosh-dang-it CLICK ON IT!!!

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