The Unlucky 13.

Thirteen hours and I will know if I’m in the Grapes of Wrath – I’m pretty sure I’m in it, because we have like around 18 guys and 16 positions. But now it comes down to the size of the part.

Okay, I’ve heard it before – there are no small roles, only small actors. I know that. But I reallllly want a role with atleast a name! Not, you know, Man-going-back or Proprietor or Singer3. I don’t know… maybe thats selfish. But its just, I really worked hard for those 3 weeks at camp this summer, everyday trying to do whatever I could to improve my skills at acting, and this year to me was going to be this big, revealing event. Its Rob, back with a vengence and new acting skills! I go back and watch previous shows before this summer and just groan at all these things that could have been so much better. Now, I know, 3 weeks does not equal 3 years. But I feel like I’ve worked hard and I know what I’m doing up there, onstage… but that still might not be enough. As of now its looking as if it won’t be.

I really liked Noah. He was, in the book, older than Tom (which might be changing in this stage production, I don’t know) but he never really got a chance to be normal. When he was young something happened to him, like he was hit on the head or something, and he’s not all quite there. He’s a little bit slower. And all his life, he’s been sitting there, thinking. His parents and family – sure, they’re nice to him and stuff, but in the end they really don’t care what happens to him. And he’s been basically sitting there, ignored, his whole life, and throughout this time he’s been thinking, and he finally gets the chance to let everything come out, to tell someone how he feels and what he has felt for the past couple decades of his life, and that he knows people think he’s different – and he runs away. And the thing is, his part was so small, nobody really thought to look at it too much. I was ready for it. But alas, I wasn’t called up to try him out… maybe something better will come.


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