Crazy Man and Those One Guys…

Didn’t get Noah.

Not Casy.

Not Al.

But oddly, I’m alright with that.

I’ve got 5 parts. Small parts, yes, but they are parts. Three of the parts are just kind of the walking-in-the-background-guys. One is another no name, maybe with lines, maybe not (I know there will be yelling involved at the very least), and I get to fight. Apparently a professional fight choreographer is coming in to teach us.

And then I’ve got Muley. He’s got lines – around 13, plus a monologue. I really didnt consider him at all in my mind – for a lot of today I just kind of thought… why me… he’s kind of a complicated person. Almost, like, so simple that its complicated to figure out.

So his family went West to California – he refused to go. Never says why. So, not being able to pay for the house and land working only by himself, he loses both. Now he’s wanted by the authorities. He hides out in houses, never stays in one place too long. He just keeps moving. I don’t really know what age he is, or anything really about him besides that… its hard to figure how to play him. Our Director said he was a little crazy – not so much that its blindingly apparent, but just a little bit. Life has pushed him a little off the edge. Crazy, I think I can do.

I’ve thought a lot about it. A big part… probably wouldn’t have been good for me, and no matter how well I’d have done in rehearsals I probably wouldn’t have gotten one anyways. Its like a job – you have to start as a worker in the mailroom before working yourself up to become CEO of the company, no matter how good you are. And I think I’ve accepted that. I think it’ll be good to have a smaller part. I just have to use what I have to make it the best it is.

One Response to “Crazy Man and Those One Guys…”

  1. Mavis Says:

    crap i can’t find it.

    i was gonna write something that related to an entry that you wrote a while back… about another rob? anywho, since i can’t find it…

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