The Masquerade.

Saturday. A lot of things have lead up to Saturday.

Years and years and years have lead up to Saturday. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and its just amazing to me that its finally come. I know, it seems like its just a dance and its not anything to get too worked up about, but to me its really meaningful.

For those of you who do not know (there are very few of you out there nowadays) I’m taking Leah to homecoming. And for those of you who don’t know (there are more people who don’t know this) we’re going out now. That just seems like such a big deal to me now.

Going out for a lot of people does not mean much, its just teenage life (not everyone, I do know of a select few who feel the same as I do). There are pairs out there who I think really do belong together because they do like eachother. But most of dating at this age really consists of people going out to experiment, not because they feel a really deep connection to their partner, but because they want to go out with someone. Now, going to a dance with someone is not in my opinion necessarily going out with that person. But in this case, with me and Leah… I really feel like she means much more to me then some other people who could care less who the person is they’re dating.

I’ve known Leah since first grade. I liked her back then (as much as you can like someone at that age) and since then, my romantic-liking her has been off and on (for the most part, on) but the whole time she’s been a very good friend of mine. We both didn’t see much point in going out for a long time, because all the things you might do with your girlfriend / boyfriend are things we already did. We already spend hours a week sitting and talking (and yes, really TALKING, not just sitting there listening to the air conditioner of the other persons house turn on and off), and we already go places with eachother on occasion, and spend a lot of time just being around eachother. We hardly ever become mad at eachother (it happened once for maybe 15 minutes. It didn’t really work), but with such a great relationship already, we didn’t see a great purpose in throwing in the whole dating thing. What more is there to gain from going out with someone if we already hang out, talk and just be around eachother? Besides the obvious (almost kind of selfish) reasons to go out with someone, we didn’t really see a point to it. But when Homecoming came… I think we both realized how torn up we’d be to see the other with a different person. And now here we are.

So with Leah and I knowing eacother for almost 9 years now, there didn’t seem much of an argument or disagreement. We’re now officially going out.

So if you see us Saturday night, don’t freak out or yell or scream. You saw it coming. We saw it coming. Everyone saw it coming. And now that the time has come, after 9 years, I think we’re all ready for whats been built up. The Masquerade.


2 Responses to “The Masquerade.”

  1. Rob V. Says:

    “I always knew you two kids would end up together!” – cliche

    You’ve begun a romance with the one thing a lot of teenagers don’t have – a firm, solid foundation of a deep freiendship built with mutual respect. It’s refreshing to see, and a great way to start.

    Best wishes, and God Bless.

    -The OTHER Rob

    PS: I still don’t really know you, and I know Leah even less, but how is it that I saw this coming? đŸ™‚

  2. leah Says:

    OMG, rob that is so sweet!!! Kelsey told me to go to ur site and read the post, but i wasn’t expecting something that awesome!!!! AWW, thank you rob!!!

    Ok, so, I was reading Jungle (or freaking trying to) and decided i needed a break….i’m nice like that. then i went on the computer, and OMG! you are so sweet! You are right the dance was awesome. I feel totally bad for being mad at you on the bus, but seriously, I blame it all on PMSing…

    Well, peace out, dude. You are awesome. bubbi!

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