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April 21, 2006

Neil. What can I say about him? He is… well… Neil.

Neil has opinions. People have questions. He likes to give them answers.

Neil will be helping to roll out a new section: his section. He says that people ask the stupidest questions. Examples of these questions (according to him):

Why are we on Earth?
What if the world ended?
Why is life so bad for me?!

He doesn't like these questions. He suggests you stop. But if you persist, he will just have to give his views which he says is the truth, what he says is the meaning of life and such.

In his brain, anything could happen. In his mind, everything is twisted around, and completely different than how you see things. In his new section: anything goes.


Pen Point

February 22, 2006

Note: My friend, Neil, once told me what his main mindset and view was on the world, which was based on the theory that life is short and risky, and that we can't assume that good things will always happen — then he told me an analogy of his, which explained, in his view, how small we are in the universe when so many larger things can happen; how completely powerless we sometimes have to be. That conversation went on for four hours that night — in these four hours I think I understood Neil more than I ever had before, and ever will again. I wrote this poem based off of his theory because of the powerfulness it, after doing a unit in school over voice poetry. I think Neil's voice needs to be heard.

This is how I see it;
life's like the tip of a pen.
Now, its like,
we're on it.
Our whole universe is.
We're that small.
at any moment,
we're just existing,
living our lives normally…
when a giant comes and SMASH.

He wrote with that pen.

Our whole universe is gone.
It's like….
that's all.
That's it.

We existed only so that giant could write.
All of us were for that small purpose.
He could destroy us all in what to us
is just picking up a pen and writing.

But the sad thing is,
we're so small,
and insignificant,
that the giant never knew
that we
were even