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July 1, 2006

I’m going to add pictures to this post to make it more interesting than it already is.

I think I’m going to be having a big change to the site. I don’t think its going to make a gigantic difference, though, considering how many people actually come here…

Soon I think I’m going to be creating a real site. With a domain name, some space, and a lot more room to grow web-wise. I’ve already made a lot of plans, but before I take them and make them actually happen, I want to know what you guys think about it.

Now, if I invest money in a site ($40) I don’t want it to be a waste. If I actually pay for an actual site, I want to pull some profit out of it. But in order to do that, I need to put ads on pages. Its going to be a very small, limited amount of ads, but still, they will be there.

But in order for the ads to actually gain revenue, I have to have a continuous stream of viewers coming in. Which means my site has to become more than just a personal blog.

So I had the chance to gain visitors and some profit. But I want to know what you guys thought. You are the ones who actually come to my site, I want to know what you think about this. I have posted some very serious and in my opinion somewhat deep posts on my site. I have written things that have brought a lot of attention to the site, such as my Nice Guy post and my For Whom the Bell Tolls post. These types of posts are what bring people to the site, and while they are harder to write, they are sometimes fun.

 But then again, some other posts I write are a lot of fun too. Just random, out of nowhere things that have nothing that could possibly make people I don’t know want to listen to me. Like my Canada post and stuff. No constructive content.

So what I wanted to do was split it up. On my site I would have two different sections, a more, personal section for friends at school who know me, sort of like a xanga, with pictures and stuff like that. And then I would have a writing blog. This blog would have my poetry, essays, articles and blog posts that I write as reflection of everyday life. These are the moral values, and lessons and more “deep stuff” that I write. They would then be seperated into two different subdomains on my site. One would be at just and the other would be like

But then again, splitting it up is splitting it up. It wouldn’t really be the same as it is now. There would be 2 sections. Some people I’ve asked said that splitting it up into sections just didn’t make sense, because I’m one person and I have different traits (fun and serious… but mostly serious) and you can’t seperate who I am. But then again, people may not want to read something so personal with all the references to my friends and stuff if they don’t know me. And the point of the blog is to sort of get people I don’t know, because I don’t know enough people to really get my money back from the investment.

So my question to you guys. Would you like it if they were seperated? One would remain almost exactly as this page, the other would have a completely different layout. Would you rather that the site was seperated into new sections like that, or do you really resent this idea? And if I were to seperate it, would you honestly come back to the site as often / more often that you already do?

Thanks for your opinions. I really do want to have a site. I just want it to be worth the trouble.




June 8, 2006

Today marks the last day you all will probably hear from me for two weeks. I've gone off to Michigan and Canada, where I have very limited computer and phone use.

But since I'm leaving, I think I'll leave something for all of you to do, so that when I check the site again in the future when I can get a hold of a computer, I can see your thoughts on it.

This essay really hit me, because I completely agree with it. This is what I try to explain to a lot of you guys out there! But I think in the essay the idea is just being said in a different way than I've said it, and will give you some good insight to the brain of Rob. And… Rob. Long story there.

Well, best be going now. I'm starting a long drive in about an hour, and I've got some last minute packing to do!

Leave comments / emails, I might get a computer chance sometime!



May 16, 2006

Heather, my dear wonderful cello buddy / bunny rabbit / "blue girl" / three musketeer has FINALLY put the picture up I have been dying to see, which is from the dance. So please run over to the Pictures section and see it (password: name of my character in the 7th grade play). Leave comments, yo…


EDIT: You know what, forget it. I'll post it here.

Left to Right: Kyle, Me. I call that: the look.


April 30, 2006

I just made a new page on the site. As you can probably guess from the title, its a pictures page. It's password protected — if you want in, you're going to have to know the password. So I will give you all a giant hint, so that those of you who actually know me can access it but those who don't, can't. The password is the name of the character I played in the 7th grade play. No capitals.

All right, that's about it. If you can't remember the character, or you think you might have spelled it wrong (there's an "s", not a "z") feel free to email me, and I can tell you the password. Besides that, there isn't much left to say!

Oh, yes, there is, I forgot. I made Nick a website the other day in record timing (2 hours and three minutes!) and I think he'd appreciate it if you'd check it out. Its linked to in my virtual portfolio sidebar widget to the right.

All right, that's about it, guys. Feel free to leave lots of comments! I reallly enjoy reading them, and they're easy to post, just like a chatterbox! So please, do take the time to leave a comment so I know what you're thinking, and I know what to write more on / make websites for / etc. See you all later!



April 25, 2006

We have problems, folks.

First; I have no idea how I'm going to get my site. This site won't allow Google Adsense, but I can't go back to the other one because it was wayyyy to hard to maintain. But how can I afford to get the new site if I don't get the money? I still rest at $38 something. I don't get any until I hit $100.
My Solution:
The best I can do is force the people I've made sites for to update and put some ad blocks there too — small ones that don't get in the way. That way I can get to $100, and they get a 20% cut of the money there page earns.

I need to come up witha domain name ( I don't know what to use though, because is taken.
My Solution:
I've come up with some.

Nobody visits my blog. Okay, some people do, but how do I know if they like it?
My Solution:
Comment. Email. Make suggestions, anything! I can't continue web work with no visitors! If you like the site / hate the site / whatever, comment me and let me know! Its simple, just type in a name and your comment!

Anything you want to tell me, PLEASE DO. I would love to hear from ANYONE. There won't be content without visitors!


April 21, 2006

Neil. What can I say about him? He is… well… Neil.

Neil has opinions. People have questions. He likes to give them answers.

Neil will be helping to roll out a new section: his section. He says that people ask the stupidest questions. Examples of these questions (according to him):

Why are we on Earth?
What if the world ended?
Why is life so bad for me?!

He doesn't like these questions. He suggests you stop. But if you persist, he will just have to give his views which he says is the truth, what he says is the meaning of life and such.

In his brain, anything could happen. In his mind, everything is twisted around, and completely different than how you see things. In his new section: anything goes.

To My Old Readers…

April 20, 2006

New readers, click here. 

Surprised? I am. Yes, welcome, this is sort of the new site.

This might seem a bit of a down grade layout-wise — but don't be fooled; looks can be misleading! This site has been remodeled and redone with a program/site thing called WordPress. While the layout is simple and to the point, realize that the actual site itself is a lot more capable, with features such as automatic feeds for the blog, comments, archives, categories, password protected pages, blog categories, link sidebar, customization tools and my personal favorite, a very nice and simple (for me) post generator. This means less work, and more content! This site will be a whole lot easier to personally tweak and maintain — the only problem is the theme/layout.

Now, right now this site is free, but somewhat limited. I can't do a whole lot with the layout (a.k.a. "theme") at the moment, because that's not available on the free hosted site. When I get the GoDaddy site with the money from the Google Adsense, however, I'll be able to pay for it — this means a very new and edited layout . Colors will be different, the heading will be different, the content will be displayed differently — it will be a definite upgrade. The only thing remaining the same is the content — same old teenager, same opinions and views. I repeat to you: this is not the finished product of the site. It will be much better!

Again, the main reason for doing the big switch is that this site is soooo much easier to maintain than the other one (atleast once I've finished tweaking the layout!). But until the layout's done, you can expect a bit of an irritated Rob at school sometimes; tutorials are not the most fun to read, especially when you're trying to learn two new computer languages. But believe me to those who think I'm too gunhoe on this site thing: I want to do this. I want a good site. I want these skills and I want to benefit from this whole process. I hope you enjoy the outcomes also.

This post was for all of those of you who used to visit the old layout-ed site; the old posts are all on this site now. I just hope this will soon live up to your expectations…

And for those of you new to my blog — welcome to iRob.

Leave comments on the new comment system (no login required), or feel free to email me.


WordPress Experiments

April 17, 2006

I've been meaning to pull out a program from the internet to use as a comment / site search website for some while, but have been waiting until I had enough money to buy it. Then I discovered WordPress.

For now, I'll be experimenting with the layout, and also trying to figure out just how to make this blog tick.


Change Change Chaaaannngge…

April 8, 2006

Hey guys.

Well, life hasn't exactly been bad lately. Not great… but not bad.

Google Adsense has slowed down — that's understandable, though. I haven't exactly been updating for like, what, a week? Yikes. Well, this is my chance, I'm taking it. Revenue's gone up to $34.39.

There are going to be some new changes to the site. Here's a list of all the new things you should be aware of that will be/have been changing:

•"NEW!" will appear by a post for the first 24 hours after it is put up.
•A new password-protected pictures page (alliteration, I know) will be put up.
•A movie/book reviews page will be put up.
•The writing section will be updated with a new piece of writing every Friday.
•Layout of the site-search will change (not that the site search is working… sorry).
•The movie/book review section will have a new review put up every Sunday by either Neil, Greg or I, including what we thought it deserved.
•A demo version of the new game Neil is creating will be put up shortly on its own page.
•There will be updates to the main front blog atleast twice a week.
•A writing tips page will be added to the writing section shortly.
These are the changes that will shortly be occuring within the next three days. They will trickle in one at a time so not to overwhelm and spread out the iRob-ness cheer. Oh, and please remember that you can email me anytime about anything site-wise and I will respond. Comments/questions/thoughts, anything. I really enjoy hearing from you.

And do remember, there is an RSS feed you can add to your RSS reader. That will always be available and will be updated at the same time as the post.

I know this is all very random, but hey, that's who I am. If you've noticed, also, I've done some adjustments to the layout of the pages so the content will make the page stretchout accordingly and not look tile-y if they go over. And if you haven't noticed any changes, that's even better, because that means the transition was smooth and seamless.

Well, best be going now. It was an okay week… and now, in approximately three hours, it will be over. All I can say is that even though this week was alright, I hope next week will be better. More exciting, more fun.

Good night, everybody…


Whoa. No Words.

April 2, 2006

Total Earnings: $27.73

I literally gasped when I saw this. Neil will testify. Just… wow. There are no words.

FYI, all previous posts can be found on my feed (RSS button on the left). Get a good online Feed reader like BlogLines to read. You can even do xangs. All the updates come at once — when I update, you will know immediately. When a fellow xanga-er updates, you will know immediately. When the weather man makes a new prediction, you will know immediately. That, folks, is the immense complex power of RSS. Ironically enough, it stands for Really Simple Syndication. Ha.

That's about it, short entry, I know. Tell me what you're thinking…