Still Going…

July 8, 2006

Leaving in half an hour. Thought I’d leave a post before I left.

By the time I get back the domain name I want to buy will be registerable. I was thinking, with the whole emphasis being oPENion, for writing. My written opinion, get it? I’m not just bad at spelling, I actually have meaning behind.

Hate it, like it? I like it personally, but hey, Leah didn’t, so I just wonder what you honestly think.

12 hours from now I will be sitting there at the college, probably eating dinner or doing an activity. I can’t believe this came so quickly. I hope to see you all when I get back!

And also, I hope that POTC2 (Pirates) will still be showing when I get back. I want to see it with some people if anyone wants to see it again with me. I won’t be able to see it until then, I’m afraid.

Well, I’m almost set to go, so I’ll leave you all to your busy (or not so much busy) summer lives, and hope to hear from you all soon.

Feel free to email, and I’ll contact you from there.




July 5, 2006

I’m leaving soon (Saturday morning) to go to go take a course on Acting at the college that I’m not going to name. I’ll be there for 3 weeks. I’m staying in a dorm, all that stuff.

I dont think that you all really care that much about this, but just thought I’d mention it. I may not be able to update the site as often, but then again, I might do it more often because I finally have something exciting to write about. I don’t know really.

The fact is, I’ll be leaving soon, and for those that actually come to this site, I thought you might want to know.

See you all later. Feel free to email me.



July 1, 2006

I’m going to add pictures to this post to make it more interesting than it already is.

I think I’m going to be having a big change to the site. I don’t think its going to make a gigantic difference, though, considering how many people actually come here…

Soon I think I’m going to be creating a real site. With a domain name, some space, and a lot more room to grow web-wise. I’ve already made a lot of plans, but before I take them and make them actually happen, I want to know what you guys think about it.

Now, if I invest money in a site ($40) I don’t want it to be a waste. If I actually pay for an actual site, I want to pull some profit out of it. But in order to do that, I need to put ads on pages. Its going to be a very small, limited amount of ads, but still, they will be there.

But in order for the ads to actually gain revenue, I have to have a continuous stream of viewers coming in. Which means my site has to become more than just a personal blog.

So I had the chance to gain visitors and some profit. But I want to know what you guys thought. You are the ones who actually come to my site, I want to know what you think about this. I have posted some very serious and in my opinion somewhat deep posts on my site. I have written things that have brought a lot of attention to the site, such as my Nice Guy post and my For Whom the Bell Tolls post. These types of posts are what bring people to the site, and while they are harder to write, they are sometimes fun.

 But then again, some other posts I write are a lot of fun too. Just random, out of nowhere things that have nothing that could possibly make people I don’t know want to listen to me. Like my Canada post and stuff. No constructive content.

So what I wanted to do was split it up. On my site I would have two different sections, a more, personal section for friends at school who know me, sort of like a xanga, with pictures and stuff like that. And then I would have a writing blog. This blog would have my poetry, essays, articles and blog posts that I write as reflection of everyday life. These are the moral values, and lessons and more “deep stuff” that I write. They would then be seperated into two different subdomains on my site. One would be at just and the other would be like

But then again, splitting it up is splitting it up. It wouldn’t really be the same as it is now. There would be 2 sections. Some people I’ve asked said that splitting it up into sections just didn’t make sense, because I’m one person and I have different traits (fun and serious… but mostly serious) and you can’t seperate who I am. But then again, people may not want to read something so personal with all the references to my friends and stuff if they don’t know me. And the point of the blog is to sort of get people I don’t know, because I don’t know enough people to really get my money back from the investment.

So my question to you guys. Would you like it if they were seperated? One would remain almost exactly as this page, the other would have a completely different layout. Would you rather that the site was seperated into new sections like that, or do you really resent this idea? And if I were to seperate it, would you honestly come back to the site as often / more often that you already do?

Thanks for your opinions. I really do want to have a site. I just want it to be worth the trouble.


New Site…

June 24, 2006

Very very soon I'm going to be buying a new website. I promised myself that once I had saved up $100 dollars all by myself (which is hard to come by with no job and $5 a week allowance!) I would buy my website. I am soooo close to getting there! I'm at $88 right now, and in a couple of weeks, I will have the site bought and everything. That means nothing really to you guys, I'm sure, except a little different design of the site, a little Google Adsense, and a domain name. But that's where I'm lost.

I have no idea what to get as a domain name ( and I want any type of suggestions I can get. Anything. Leah's suggested some that I don't think will be chosen ( and but I thank her for those thoughts anyway. Any ideas are great! I'd love to hear from you guys.

EDIT: The password to my Canada pictures post is the name of the character I played in the Awards Show. Incase you forgot: think tight black shirt.

Protected: Canadian Travels

June 20, 2006

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


June 13, 2006

I am on my Michigan/Canada trip (which, thanks to Jill, I now call Canigan) and am happy to say I have absolutely no news whatsoever. Know why?

Because I am doing nothing constructive. I am here on a two week vacation, doing nothing but relaxing and acting in a completely stress free lifestyle. Its a nice change. No projects or homework or appointments to make – for once I have a completely free lifestyle. Of course, soon enough I'll be hit by the absolute need to be busy with something or other, to have some structurous activities, but until then…

Its smooth sailing.

I've been doing a lot of reading. Its pretty much freezing up here at the moment, getting into the low 40's and 50's most nights, but I'm managing. Living an almost amish existance, I'm coping with my family's long made log cabin that's been in use for 80 years. Someone along the lines of my great-great grandfather built the cabin back in the 1920's, and now its our vacation house. Very nice indeed.

I do have some electronics. I've got my little DVD player, Mp3 Player and this old, slow laptop to occasionally check some email, but most of my days consist of sleeping in late, then wandering around our little town and reading away most of the day, until settling down and watching a nice DVD at night before falling into sleep. This is so completely non-me that its sort of nice, to come up here once a year and get away from all the hustle and bustle of home. I feel very old-fashioned here – laying on a hammock in our log cabin, listening to the radio and watching the fire in the fireplace die away, waiting for time to just drift off into whoknows where.

Well, I've used this poor laptop long enough, and am afraid it will soon die on me if I persist to keep pounding away on it, so I will leave you to your busy lives while I go grab a bowl of ice cream and let my mind wonder onto what I should do next. Leave comments, everyone, because I hope to hear from you all!

I'll leave you with one thing I've learned from being up North in this great escape from the world you all are living in —

There are times for planning, for structure, and for work. And then there are times where you should throw caution to the winds and sit back and relax. Realize when these times are, and act on them. You don't get these chances very often.



June 8, 2006

Today marks the last day you all will probably hear from me for two weeks. I've gone off to Michigan and Canada, where I have very limited computer and phone use.

But since I'm leaving, I think I'll leave something for all of you to do, so that when I check the site again in the future when I can get a hold of a computer, I can see your thoughts on it.

This essay really hit me, because I completely agree with it. This is what I try to explain to a lot of you guys out there! But I think in the essay the idea is just being said in a different way than I've said it, and will give you some good insight to the brain of Rob. And… Rob. Long story there.

Well, best be going now. I'm starting a long drive in about an hour, and I've got some last minute packing to do!

Leave comments / emails, I might get a computer chance sometime!


Summer’s Bummers.

June 6, 2006

Standing by the phone,
waiting for a call.

Waiting at the computer,
hoping for an email.

Sitting by the TV,
looking for a show.

Laying in bed,
trying to go to sleep.

Sitting there and realizing —
where the heck has the day gone?!

Larry’s Silk Hat, What?!

June 5, 2006

Okay, guys, I know I've talked to you all about this before, but I have this podcast called TEENCAST. It is awesomely awesome in every awesome way. I just put up episode 3, entitled Silk Hat, which is probably our best yet because of the STRUCTURE we have. We have added theme music all around everywhere, and we have sections and lots of content.

Unfortunately Jill couldn't make it onto episode three until the end, so I recorded with Ms. Leah, who was verrrrrrryy random. We had lots of interesting things to talk about, and Leah was even nice enough to record the section themes. We have the theme music of Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and even the Bad Day theme song in there, and its really cool and in my opinion very funny, so I really hope you atleast check out that episode for an idea of whats to come.

We have a movies section, a music section, a book section and even a mystery section! Want to know whats in the mystery section? Can't tell you, its a mystery. You'll have to listen to find out!

If you will please listen to it and tell me you did, I will be sooooo happy and if you leave a comment on this site or the podcast site that you want read on the show, I will soooo read it, just let me know if you want it read. And even if you don't want to be appearing on the show, Jill and I need feedback so that we know what to change and what to keep to make it an awesome show!

So reigning in at exactly 40 and a half minutes, this show is probably one of our best, and one you will definitely not want to miss, so I beg you to listen to atleast five minutes and let me know what you think!

Thanks guys, you all rock!


PS – And kudos to Mr. Gregory for writing the theme song for the podcast!

Being Young Means…

June 3, 2006
  • Dunking eachother in the pool
  • Hogging all the popcorn every once in a while
  • Drinking two liters of pop
  • Hitting eachother over the head with violent floaties
  • Running through the sprinkler…
  • … getting caught by the owner of the sprinkler
  • Running through countless backyards
  • Chasing the lightning bugs
  • Throwing the occasional innertube over someone's head
  • Waving at the cars passing by and hoping they wave back
  • Not caring how stupid you look trying to do the worm
  • Blowing bubbles like a motorboat at the pool
  • Going to a see a movie you didn't ever watch
  • Seeing friends in places you didn't think you'd see them
  • Wasting time in ways you didn't think you would
  • Realizing what being young means in a way you didn't ever anticipate